Current Programs

WHO AMR Capacity Building Project

The Bridgeway Group is partnering with the World Health Organization’s Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Division to develop guidance and tools to build the capacity of national AMR committee members in consensus building, negotiation, conflict management, and coordination skills to enhance collaboration within and across multiple sectors at the national level. The project involves research on approaches currently used by countries to coordinate on this important topic and the development of materials, tools, and a series of workshops to build the capacity of those responsible for coordination at the national level. Phase 1 of the project began in January 2021.

EXPLO Elevate

The Bridgeway Group has partnered with EXPLO Elevate to design training curricula and consulting interventions in negotiation, communication, influence, mediation, and conflict management to support EXPLO Elevate’s member schools. In 2020, the Bridgeway Group offered a webinar to school leaders managing the impacts of COVID-19 on their students, teachers, and institutions and developed a course, Challenging Conversations: A Survival Kit, which is now included in EXPLO Elevate’s course catalogue. The Bridgeway Group and EXPLO Elevate also partner on research, with an eye toward providing school leaders with the best thinking on how conflict management, communication, and negotiation skills can help them achieve their goals. To date, together, the Bridgeway Group and EXPLO Elevate have produced a case study entitled, Tools for Navigating Change, which explores how conflict management tools can be used to effect change within schools.

Salaam Fellowship for Conflict Resolution - Morocco

Open Hands Initiative

In partnership with the Open Hands Initiative, The Bridgeway Group designed and conducted a conflict resolution and negotiation program in Morocco. The “Salaam Fellowship for Conflict Resolution” brought together globally-focused young people from the U.S. and Morocco to increase mutual respect and understanding between our countries. The intense, 10-day training and cultural exchange program equipped participants with critical competencies in conflict resolution and negotiation at both the interpersonal and intergroup levels, taking care to examine the cultural implications involved. Through open dialogue, interactive workshops, and real-world application of the material, the participants developed a solid foundation in conflict management through a cross-cultural and international lens.

As part of the Fellowship, participants developed a set of written products for the High Atlas Foundation, outlining negotiation strategies that could be used to enhance the impact of two of HAF’s innovative development projects. The report, Negotiation in Practice: Fieldwork with Agricultural Cooperatives in Rural Morocco is available here.

United Nations Association of Greater Boston

Since 2016, the Bridgeway Group has partnered with the United Nations Association of Greater Boston (UNAGB) to enhance their Model United Nations (MUN) summer camp curriculum with negotiation skill building activities. Bridgeway Group trainers design and facilitate short lessons in negotiation and conflict management skills, that can be integrated into both the middle and high school MUN curricula. Since 2017, The Bridgeway Group has co-designed and co-led the week-long Advanced Negotiation and Chair Training with UNAGB. This advanced training brings together older students who are passionate about global issues and aspire to be in leadership roles that demand advanced communication skills. Students in both activities respond enthusiastically to the lessons, explaining that negotiation and conflict management skills have relevance to both their academic and personal lives.

The Bridgeway Group and UNAGB are also developing a broader negotiation training program that could be delivered through all curricular and extra-curricular Model UN activities in the schools in which UNAGB operates. This program would include professional development for teachers and open source online resources.

Fragile Island of Peace

- Burundi

Partnering with Spectrum Media, The Bridgeway Group is working to produce the documentary film, Fragile Island of Peace, about the peacebuilding process in Burundi. The Bridgeway Group’s Executive Director, Liz McClintock, has been engaged in Burundi for over 18 years, supporting the peace building process through training of Burundi’s political and military leaders, training local trainers, and developing conflict management curriculum for audiences ranging from high school students and demobilized soldiers.

The documentary will bring to life the story of a 10-year peacebuilding process in Burundi that united leaders from rebel militias and the National Army in working toward reconciliation. Through compelling interviews and anecdotes from those who experienced it firsthand, as well as scenes of ongoing activities that are part of the peacebuilding process, this film will shine a light on Burundians whose hearts and minds were changed as they worked to rebuild trust in a country that was torn apart by war. The film will show how these personal changes have played out nationally, through policy changes and innovative leadership.