Current Programs

WHO: Tools for Effective Multisectoral Collaboration to Address Antimicrobial Resistance

The Bridgeway Group has partnered with the World Health Organization’s NPM Unit of WHO’s Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Division to develop guidance and tools to build the capacity of national AMR committee members in consensus building, negotiation, conflict management, and multisectoral collaboration at the national level in member states. To date, the partnership has produced an extensive literature review on approaches to addressing AMR; a pilot training program in effective leadership and multisectoral collaboration skills, tested in three countries; and revised guidance and tools to build the capacity of national stakeholders. The Bridgeway Group is currently developing a training-of-trainers program for WHO, to expand the reach of the project and ensure its sustainability.

The Dickey Center for International Understanding, Dartmouth College

The Bridgeway Group supports programming at Dartmouth College’s Dickey Center on an ad hoc basis. Executive Director, Liz McClintock currently serves on the Dickey Center Board of Visitors.  In addition, Liz participates in fireside career chats for students and has organized and run simulations for the Center’s Great Issue Scholars and Global Health Fellows. The simulations are focused on managing multistakeholder dialogue to effectively address global public health challenges. The informal partnership with the Dickey Center permits the Bridgeway Group to support the emergence of the next generation of global leaders and expand their knowledge of negotiation and conflict resolution frameworks.

EXPLO Elevate

The Bridgeway Group has partnered with EXPLO Elevate to design training curricula and consulting interventions in negotiation, communication, influence, mediation, and conflict management to support EXPLO Elevate’s member schools. In 2020, the Bridgeway Group offered a webinar to school leaders managing the impacts of COVID-19 on their students, teachers, and institutions and developed a course, Challenging Conversations: A Survival Kit, which is now included in EXPLO Elevate’s course catalogue. The Bridgeway Group and EXPLO Elevate also partner on research, with an eye toward providing school leaders with the best thinking on how conflict management, communication, and negotiation skills can help them achieve their goals. To date, together, the Bridgeway Group and EXPLO Elevate have produced a case study entitled, Tools for Navigating Change, which explores how conflict management tools can be used to effect change within schools.

Fragile Island of Peace

- Burundi

Partnering with Spectrum Media, The Bridgeway Group is working to produce the documentary film, Fragile Island of Peace, about the peacebuilding process in Burundi. The Bridgeway Group’s Executive Director, Liz McClintock, has been engaged in Burundi for over 18 years, supporting the peace building process through training of Burundi’s political and military leaders, training local trainers, and developing conflict management curriculum for audiences ranging from high school students and demobilized soldiers.

The documentary will bring to life the story of a 10-year peacebuilding process in Burundi that united leaders from rebel militias and the National Army in working toward reconciliation. Through compelling interviews and anecdotes from those who experienced it firsthand, as well as scenes of ongoing activities that are part of the peacebuilding process, this film will shine a light on Burundians whose hearts and minds were changed as they worked to rebuild trust in a country that was torn apart by war. The film will show how these personal changes have played out nationally, through policy changes and innovative leadership.