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About the Bridgeway Group

Founded in 2005, the Bridgeway Group is a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts, USA. We build the capacity of organizations and individuals in negotiation, conflict management, communication and leadership skills. The Bridgeway Group brings to organizations pragmatic methods, tools and skill sets developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project, CMPartners LLC, and in our twenty years of individual and collective practice.

The tools, e.g. the 7 elements, helped me to have constructive and effective relationships with colleagues from other sectors of the National Multisectoral Coordination Group for AMR control in order to prepare the presentation for the TAIEX Multi-Country Workshop on Intervention and Policies on Antibiotics Use in the SEEHN Member States

Participant in Effective Leadership and Multisectoral Collaboration Skills to Address AMR, EURO RegionAugust 2021

In my multisectoral work with the different ministries, this training [has] allowed me to [use] more of a controlled approach than one driven by [my personal] feelings.” and, “the tools have permitted me to better communicate with my partners and better manage my meetings with those partners.

Participant in Effective Leadership and Multisectoral Collaboration Skills to Address AMR, EMRO RegionOctober 2021

My whole team and partners that I work with [would benefit from this workshop].

Strategic Negotiation Workshop ParticipantUNAIDS, Geneva Headquarters

The most helpful characteristic of the facilitators teaching styles was their ability to adapt to the group - [their] requests, questions, challenges [and] interruptions!

Difficult Conversations Workshop ParticipantUNAIDS, Geneva Headquarters

[The teaching styles of the facilitators were most helpful because] they led us into finding our own solutions.

Strategic Negotiation Course ParticipantUNAIDS, Geneva Headquarters

The [Bridgeway] project appropriately responds to the real community need of greater police presence for improved security in the communes.

Bujumbura Police CommissionerBujumbura, Burundi

Combining information, analysis and building skills were most helpful in the workshop.

Strategic Negotiation Course ParticipantUNAIDS, Regional Office

The workshop was successful as a means of bringing project partners together and initiating information sharing and discussion on project-related issues, especially on security issues in the four underprivileged communes.

The Ikibiri Coalition TeamPolice Armories Project, Burundi

[Through this workshop] I learned a number of things about myself and how I behave. I have confidence that I have the support to continue to build on these new skills.

Strategic Negotiation Workshop ParticipantUNAIDS, Geneva Headquarters

Extremely refreshing! Allowed me to look at my difficulties with difficult conversations from a different perspective.

Difficult Conversations Workshop ParticipantUNAIDS, Regional Office