Commitment to Serve

A Commitment to Serve

The Bridgeway Group’s work is guided by the following values:


We are committed to developing programming based on a clear and actionable theory of change and that responds to the needs of the parties involved. This commitment includes consistent monitoring and evaluation of our work to ensure that we effectively contribute to effecting the change requested by the parties involved and are having a real impact in their lives.

Inclusion and Collaboration.

In complex conflict situations, no single party can achieve the desired end state: individuals and organizations need to work together. Acknowledging this reality, we strive to work with parties across political, economic, ethnic, religious, and other boundaries to build durable results.


We are committed to, and have a track record of, partnering with other organizations to design and deliver programs that will generate the greatest impact. Our partnership includes providing local organizations with the opportunity to access funding and other resources through Bridgeway Group to support the implementation of programs consistent with the Bridgeway Group’s mission.

Excellence and Learning.

We are committed to bringing thoughtful practice and the development and dissemination of new ideas, theory, and methods to the people and organizations with whom we work.