Previous Programs

Ikibiri Coalition Police Armories Project


In 2009, the Bridgeway Group and Ikibiri Coalition formed a partnership to respond to a request from the U.S. Embassy in Bujumbura to install police post armories in the urban communes of Bujumbura, Burundi. The project responds to a need to control official police weapons and integrate the police into troubled communities in Burundi. The installation of police post armories provides appropriate facilities for weapons storage. The facilities are intended to heighten the professionalism of the police, provide secure storage areas, and foster reception areas that currently do not exist. The project will increase the effectiveness of the police and link the police with the community in an effort to decrease the level of criminality in the most insecure areas of Burundi.


  1. Install 38 police armories in the communes of Bujumbura - these communes having the highest rates of criminality in the country.
  2. Secure 50 percent of the weapons in the relevant neighborhood at any given time by providing appropriate facilities, including the secure armory at police posts.
  3. Facilitate police, local government, and community cooperation with regards to weapons circulation and appropriate weapons storage through joint training and improved police-community relations.

Work on the initial 20 police armories was completed in February 2011. By the end of March 2011, eighteen new police armory sites had been identified and work has been authorized by the Mayor of Bujumbura. The project is scheduled to close in September 2011.

Culminating Event of The Ikibiri Coalition Police Armories Project

The Police Armories Project, led by the Ikibiri Coalition, culminated on September 23rd, 2011 with a public awareness meeting and celebration in Kamenge commune, Bujumbura. In total, 38 armories and 76 signs were publicly turned over to communal authorities, the local population and the Burundian National Police. The public awareness meeting was well attended and included over 600 community members and approximately 100 police agents. The Director General of the National Police, the Deputy Security-Commissioner for Bujumbura's Mayor, an advisor to the Mayor and representatives of the 7 Communes of Buterere, Cibitoke, Gihosha, Kamenge, Kanyosha, Kinama, and Musaga all participated in the event. The day ended with a performance of traditional dances, games, reading exercises and other activities on the local soccer field. More than 300 community members helped to celebrate the successful end to this important project and there are high hopes for improved security in many of Bujumbura's neighborhoods.

The Bridgeway Group conducted an evaluation of the Police Armories Project in the Summer 2012. Learning from that evaluation will inform future Bridgeway Group and Ikibiri Coalition projects. A report on the project can be obtained here.

The World Health Organization


The Bridgeway Group is offering negotiation and difficult conversations training for a variety of WHO staff worldwide. Given WHO's needs for both face-to-face delivery and e-learning technologies to reach its desired target audiences, the Bridgeway Group chose to collaborate with the Consensus Building Institute (CBI) in order to maximize program impact. (CBI has developed e-learning modules for UNDP and other clients.) Program training modules include:

  • Basic Negotiation e-Learning Course
  • 2-Day Advanced Negotiation Workshop
  • 2-Day Managing Difficult Conversations Workshop
  • Management Overview of Negotiation
  • Refresher Sessions

To date, we have delivered three workshops in Geneva (a 3-hour overview to Heads of Country Offices; a pilot of the negotiation and difficult conversations workshops (4 days total); a 1-day negotiation workshop for new heads of country offices (part of a 5-day induction program); 5-day sessions in Delhi (2); Brazzaville; and Manila. In addition, we have delivered a 2-day negotiation workshop in Washington DC. Following the successful pilot of the online learning module developed by CBI, it has now become a prerequisite for participants attending the Advanced Negotiation workshops.


Geneva and Feld Office Training

The Bridgeway Group recently concluded a two-year contract with UNAIDS in which we offered workshops combining Strategic Negotiation and Managing Difficult Conversations material for UNAIDS staff in Geneva and UNAIDS field offices. The workshop learning was augmented with 12-week email reinforcement campaign and individual coaching by phone and email.