Affiliated Organizations

Alternego offers three solutions

  • Understanding - through innovation and applied research on topics such as management, negotiation, mediation and the management of conflicts - interpersonal or collective, internal or external, private or public.
  • Developing - people through training and empowerment to increase, on a long-term basis, their performance, efficiency and behavioural and relational skills.
  • Facilitating - through counselling and coaching of companies and public agencies in the operational conduct of their negotiations, crisis communication and conflict management, on commercial, managerial or social matters. Whether you wish to implement generic or customised solutions, we are committed to providing you with concrete, operational and powerful tools at all levels of intervention (individual or collective issues, organisational change...).

CMPartners, LLC
The mission of CMPartners is to advance organizational and individual capacity to negotiate and manage conflict and critical relationships.

CMPartners work in close and long-term partnership with their clients, acting as an advisor and trainer on negotiation, conflict management, communication and the management of strategic external and internal relationships. They bring to clients their pragmatic methods, tools and skill sets developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project, affiliated organizations, and many decades of combined experience in training, consulting, advisory and executive coaching practice.

Ikibiri Coalition
Ikibiri Coalition is a local Burundian NGO engaged in community development work across the country. The word ikibiri means "working together" and reflects a highly valued tradition of cooperation in Burundian culture.

The objective of Ikibiri Coalition is to assist Burundian communities in achieving their development goals through targeted programs and initiatives, and to reinforce the capacities of government and civil society to lead long-term progress.

Since their creation Ikibiri Coalition developed experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Community reintegration, targeting returning refugees, IDPs, ex-combatants, and other vulnerable groups in Burundian society.
  • Micro-enterprise development, through the provision of training and assistance to beneficiaries at all stages in the development of their businesses and helping to build capacity in micro-lending institutions.
  • Leadership training in adult leadership education. Members of Ikibiri Coalition possess experience teaching leadership skills to diverse segments of Burundian society, including public authorities and community leaders.
  • Rehabilitation of community infrastructure, such as schools, water points, government offices, peace centers, local markets, and sports fields.
  • Advocacy and lobbying for changes in relations between citizens and the state.

The Ikibiri Coalition team is comprised of highly skilled professionals trained in a variety of disciplines, among them engineering, teaching and training, program design and management, logistics, finance and accounting. A unique feature of their team is that all founding members were employees of PADCO Burundi, and spent five years working together managing highly successful community development projects.

Consensus Building Institute
The Consensus Building Institute (CBI) is a not-for-profit organization created by leading practitioners and theory builders in the fields of negotiation and dispute resolution. CBI works with leaders, advocates, experts, and communities to promote effective negotiations, build consensus, and resolve conflicts.

CBI improves the way that leaders use negotiations to make organizational decisions, achieve agreements, and manage multi-party conflicts and planning efforts. CBI uses proven principles, processes and techniques that improve group decision-making on complex public and organizational issues. Many of these strategies have been developed through the Program on Negotiation and MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program at Harvard Law School.

Spectrum Media
Spectrum Media designs multi-media campaigns and public awareness programs that support social, environmental and economic reforms, with experience in 20+ countries around the world. Examples include democracy in Mali, conflict resolution in Jordan and sustainable agriculture in Malawi. Spectrum Media’s portfolio also includes award-winning documentaries and educational films.

Spectrum has produced a significant amount of media at the intersection of conflict resolution education and peacebuilding. For clients such USAID, Harvard University and the World Bank, Spectrum has developed creative solutions to translate complex global issues into resonant human stories that have reached audiences globally.