Board Members

Elizabeth A. McClintock


Elizabeth A. McClintock, Ph.D. is Executive Director and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Bridgeway Group. Liz has 25 years of experience offering consulting services to and designing and implementing negotiation, conflict management, and leadership training programs for both public and private sector organizations around the world.

Some of Liz’s past work includes assisting in the reform of the Burundian Army as part of the Arusha peace process; designing a guide to manage multi-stakeholder dialogue for the World Health Organization; helping WHO member states to more effectively manage the global health diplomacy process; and assessing the prospects for dialogue in Kenya after electoral crisis. Recently, Liz co-authored a piece for the Journal of Peacebuilding and Development with Aline Brachet entitled, Peacebuilding and Development Training: What’s Not Working and What We Should Be Doing Instead (2019). Prior to taking over responsibilities as Executive Director at the Bridgeway Group, Liz co-founded CMPartners, LLC, where she is a Partner Emerita.

In addition to her work at The Bridgeway Group, Liz is an Adjunct Associate Professor of International Negotiation at The Fletcher School, Tufts University and an Adjunct Lecturer at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, D.C..

Liz is a proud Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Morocco) and holds an AB from Dartmouth College and an MALD and a Ph.D. from the Fletcher School, Tufts University.