15 Year Anniversary

Gira Ejo Project Team, Burundi

15 Years and Counting...

The Bridgeway Group is celebrating 15 years of supporting individuals and organizations in conflict-affected environments to develop more innovative ways to manage conflict. As we reflect on our history and our program work, we are excited to share our successes and tell you about our new direction. Thank you for your contribution to our mission!

Long-term Capacity Building

Throughout our history, we have worked hard to provide long-term capacity building for the effective, sustainable, and non-violent management of social and community conflict in contexts as diverse as high schools Massachusetts (USA) with UNAGB to Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains with the Open Hands Initiative and the High Atlas Foundation; from the urban neighborhoods of strife-torn Burundi with the BLTP to policy debates and think tanks in Armenia.

New Partnerships

As 2020 begins, we are undertaking new partnerships to expand our reach and to deepen our impact. Two new directions are particularly exciting for us. First, the Bridgeway Group has partnered with EXPLO Elevate, a new network of public, parochial and independent schools interested in designing, building, and continuously improving the  learning environments necessary for students to thrive, now and in the future. 

The Bridgeway Group will partner with EXPLO Elevate to design training curricula and consulting interventions in negotiation, communication, influence, mediation, and conflict management to support EXPLO Elevate’s member schools. We are delighted by the prospect of sharing our skills and tools with students, teachers, and administrators across the U.S. 

Second, the Bridgeway Group is contributing to the development of an innovative peacebuilding program being launched by the United Nations for refugee youth in Africa. Building on the Bridgeway Group’s experience in Burundi, across Africa, Central Asia, and elsewhere we will support and nourish indigenous conflict management structures and systems. In particular, we will focus on female and out-of-school youth who are frequently neglected in peacebuilding programming, promoting their ability to address their most challenging issues.

Contribute to Effective Conflict Management in 2020

2020 promises to be an exciting year for the Bridgeway Group. We hope you’ll join us in continuing to help individuals and organizations in the US and around the world to more effectively manage conflict by making a donation. If you are an individual, just click on the ‘Donate’ button below. If you are an institution or corporation, please contact us via email at info@bridgewaygroup.org and we will facilitate your contribution to our work. Thank you for your support!